Red Slipper Warrior Project

“Cancer can take a lot of things….. It should never take your identity”

After the death of his newlywed bride, Angie, in 2012, Tim Tinnin created the local concert event, Angiepalooza, where the streets of Jefferson City were filled with music lovers that came together to support those in our community affected by cancer. One of the consistent issues found in cancer patients was that people tended to treat them “different,” as though cancer somehow defined them. To counter that, Red Slipper Warrior Project was born.

Red Slipper Warrior Project’s mission is to empower women and girls and remind them that cancer is something you get; its not something you are. You’re still beautiful….still YOU. You’re just in a fight. Red Slipper Warrior Project seeks to rally each Warrior’s supporters and create a powerful base of people that love them. They’re not “caregivers”. They’re “co-patients”; people that are totally invested in their person’s health and wellness. Through thick or thin, they’re there.

Red Slipper Warrior Project has been active in 19 states, Canada and Great Britain. On April 13th, 2022 it proudly partnered with both JCMG and Goldschmidt Cancer Center in Jefferson City to be a part of each patient’s treatment protocol. Red Slipper fills that void in treatment that standard medicine seems to miss. Treating the whole person and creating “Warriors” makes for a better fighter.

Better fighters win more often.

The 2022 Young Professional Wine Competition is not only a hugely popular and fun event, but it also generously provides funding to a variety of not-for-profit local organizations, with this year’s recipients being Red Slipper Warrior Project. Funds received from this incredible event will go to assure that every woman being treated for cancer at the local hospitals will be granted the Red Slipper Warrior Project package.

Every person on the planet has been affected by cancer. Red Slipper Warrior Project is focused on making sure that every woman and girl fighting is equipped with the mindset of a Warrior and ready to “Go in Hot!” and find their wins in the process. To learn more about Red Slipper Warrior Project or support our work, go to or contact Tim at