Small Business of the Year

Hollon Family Chiropractic


751 W. Stadium Blvd, Ste. B
Jefferson City, MO 65109
(573) 636-5433

601 E. Smith St.
California, MO 65018
(573) 464-4361

Dr. Derrijk, how did you react when you won the Small Business of the Year Award?

Humbled and beyond grateful. With neither Dr. Hilary nor I being Jefferson City natives, we wanted to give back to a community that welcomed us with open arms. So, to be recognized as being leaders in the community is a huge honor for us.  However, we also know that we would never have accomplished this achievement without the support of our Hollon Family Chiropractic family and team. 

Tell us your story! How and why did you get into chiropractic care? How did you meet each other in order to start the business later on together?

We both knew we wanted to help people from an early age, but neither of us knew exactly how we wanted to do that. Eventually, both of us enrolled to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa where we met each other and began interning at the Troxell Intern Program. Our friendship quickly grew and by the time that we graduated, we already had plans to open our own office together in the heart of Missouri. 

Dr. Hilary, how are things going at the newest practice in California, MO? 

Great! After nearly 6 months, we completed the full renovation of our California location in January. However, we have been serving patients in the California office since mid-November. We are growing rapidly, and excited to bring quality chiropractic care to another community. The residents of California have been extremely warm and welcoming, and it has been a lot of fun serving the residents of California and the surrounding communities.In a few short years, you opened two practices.

Are there plans for a third practice in the future?

We are always planning for the future of Hollon Family Chiropractic. Currently, we have plans to open a third office, but are still in the initial stages of development. 

Hollon Family Chiropractic staff

Dr. Derrijk Hollon, D.C., A.T.C. – Owner/Doctor

Dr. Hilary Hollon, D.C. – Owner/Doctor

Dr. Raquel Heisse, D.C. – Doctor

Dr. Allie Davidson, D.C. – Doctor

Lisa Collier – Office Manager (Jefferson City)

Hannah Anglen – Office Manager (California)

Lauren Gonzales – Chiropractic Technologist

Megan Cloud – Chiropractic Technologist

Katie Luebbert – Chiropractic Assistant

Beth Dunn – Chiropractic Assistant

Debbie Buschman – Practice Representative

Brie Boessen – Practice Representative

Toni Stover – Practice Representative (California)