Technology Moves Fast

How can we keep up? It’s already tough to remember all of our website login passwords and keep up with the latest tech trends; Let alone to keep up with the internet speeds required in our ever-increasingly “digital-world.”
Technology is changing within the business world as well. With Fortune 500 Companies becoming exposed to cyber-attacks, credit card companies implementing an extra level of chip security and data leaks from many websites we use every day, how can we protect our businesses and our personal information? There is a greater need now, more than ever for increased cyber-security technology and education. Robert Myers, President and CEO of RKV Technologies agreed:
We are in a decade of new business apps coming online by the second. Many include vulnerabilities that open the door for hackers to walk right into a business and their clients’ data, including personal information. That’s why it is important to build mobile and web apps with security and intrusion in mind. It’s important to know where and how your software applications, that are so important for your business, may put your business at risk. Building a mobile or web app is relatively easy; making it secure is much more challenging.

So how do you reduce your risk?

There are many preventative measures that can be taken. Firewalls, software designed to exploit vulnerabilities in code, anti-virus, etc., but the real question is what does “your” business need. There are many factors evaluated to determine what is best for any environment. Our advice is if it is keeping you up at night, get a security assessment performed by a qualified resource. In this evolving technological world, being 100% safe will probably never happen, but taking the right steps now, can reduce your risk substantially.

© Lloyd Grotjan / Full Spectrum Photo
Doug Roy, plant manager at Unilever took over for the previous plant manager, his father, Joe and acknowledges the changes he has seen since becoming plant manager 33 years ago. “It’s a weird circle,” Doug said. “I’d say the biggest change is the growth in technology. We have one of the fastest production lines for one of our products with 21 robots.
It can be challenging, but it gives us new capabilities and improves the quality of the product, as well as keeping employees safe.” Doug said the company continues to invest in people and technology. “… with a skilled workforce and automation, I see more potential expansion happening,” he said.

The Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce recognizes the urgency of technology infrastructure and security.

The Chamber advocates on behalf of Jefferson City businesses to ensure they have the infrastructure needed for their growth and success, as well as access to proper education and training on technology and cyber-security policies and software.