Capitol Avenue: Help Wanted

“Historic buildings are a part of us. They embody our identity and give us a shared sense of community.”
— Anne Green, Executive Director, Historic City of Jefferson

Capitol Avenue is sprawling with history, and a few years ago, you could appreciate the history by walking down the sidewalks, gazing at the mature trees, expansive front porches and hear neighbors bustling along. Today, we have to dig a little deeper to “feel the history.”

“The historic buildings in Jefferson City were severely damaged by the May 2019 tornado,” said Green. “However, despite the destruction, the voice of historic preservation is louder now in our community than it ever has been. Individuals have noticed the damage and the loss over the past year and are now taking a stand to say ‘Historic preservation matters to Jefferson City.’

“Historic preservation has transitioned from being an end to itself (saving old buildings in order to save old buildings) to instead, focusing on the broader good of our community—revitalizing main street, creating jobs, serving as an incubator for small businesses, providing affordable and unique housing, increasing historic tourism, etc.”

Now more than ever, it is important to support historic preservation. Whether that be something as big as buying or rehabbing a home, or something as small as being an individual member of the Historic City of Jefferson for $25/year.

For more information on the availability of homes on Capitol Avenue contact Historic City of Jefferson at