Happy Trails to You

Jefferson City is a trail-rider’s dream! We have many miles of trails, paved and unpaved, hilly and flat, with some trails being in places you wouldn’t expect. Walk, ride or scooter the trail, whatever you prefer we have you covered.

The Jefferson City Greenway, managed by Parks and Recreation, has been a work in progress for decades and is proud to now include over 17 miles of paved trail. “Greenway” is a derivation of the word “greenbelt,” an area or largely undeveloped wild or agricultural land surrounding neighborhood and urban areas, and “Parkway,” a general designation of a type of limited-access highway.

The paved trail doesn’t just meander through parks and along the street sides. Virtually all of the Greenway trails have been built on donated land or easements on existing right-of-way or city park lands. Downtown Jefferson City connects to Katy Trail State Park by a 2.7-mile trail connector that crosses the Missouri River. Another three miles of paved fitness trails loop through select parks. The paved Greenway trail offers a safe and close-to-home link to natural, cultural, commercial and recreational amenities, providing an environmentally-friendly way around town.

The largest section of the Greenway is the 19 miles of natural surface trails designed for use by mountain bikes or for hiking. These are perfect for bicyclists seeking out trails for a more challenging workout because of Jefferson City’s hilly topography. The labyrinth of wooded trails is mostly located at Binder Park where riders can choose to embark on loops of different distances (1.6 to 4.3-mile loops). Each loop is connected so riders can choose to ride all loops consecutively. Runners also enjoy that these trails provide a more unique experience.

Amy Schroeder with Parks and Recreation adds, “Our parks and trails are far more than acres and miles. They serve as a backdrop for so many memorable experiences. Services like bike- and scooter-share provide an inclusive opportunity for both residents and visitors to experience Jefferson City trails and create those wonderful memories.”

Jefferson City Parks and Recreation is always working to make Jefferson City more “bike-friendly” and hopes to continue the Greenway Plan and bike-share program for many years to come, until most attractions and businesses in Jefferson City accessible by bike. For a current Greenway map visit www.jeffersoncitymo.gov.

SPIN Program

Jefferson City recently adopted a bike-share program through SPIN that allows renters to unlock scooters and bikes to ride around town. SPIN users preload funds to their downloaded app and scan the code on the bike or scooter to unlock and ride.

The City of Jefferson and many businesses have also accommodated bicycles by adding bike lanes and sponsoring a bike rack at their place of business.