Hard At Work

The environment of our schools is more valuable than we may think. Creating an environment conducive to learning will make learning inevitable. The Jefferson City area schools have taken this philosophy seriously and have all been taking steps to construct the perfect environment to nurture the education of our future community leaders.

Jefferson City Public Schools has been hard at work constructing Capital City High School since February of 2018. The first phase of construction, including 40 classrooms, administration offices, common areas, practice fields, cafeteria and kitchen facilities, should be completed in August. The school will be ready to receive 9th and 10th grade students in the fall of 2019. Later phases of the construction will include the gym and auditorium and final construction should be completed in the early part of 2020.

The previous principal of Simonsen 9th Grade Center, Ben Meldrum is excited to begin his new position as Principal at Capital City High School and says:

“Construction at Capital City High School is on schedule and there is progress being made every day. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that every crew is putting into this project. Our students and community will be proud and excited to be a part of the final product.”

Jefferson City High School has also seen big changes. The year-long construction began in mid-2018 and renovations are nearing completion on the classrooms at JCHS and Nichols Career Center along with a storm shelter, building connector and new gymnasium. Final classroom completion is slated for early 2020, just as Capital City High School will be completed.

Just outside of Jefferson City, Blair Oaks has picked up the trend as well. In April, a 14 million-dollar bond capacity was approved by voters to construct a new high school. Superintendent Jim Jones justifies the need for a new high school, “We went from five hundred to twelve hundred students in 20 years.” The new high school would accommodate 600 students from grades nine through twelve. Kindergarten through eighth grades would be spread between the current elementary, upper elementary and old high school with three grades at each building. The 19 million-dollar new high school is set to open in August of 2021 after completion of phase one. Phase two would require another vote in 2023 concerning the additional four and a half to five million to complete the design of the building, which could be complete by 2025.

Blair Oaks school district is “fast growing, low spending, and high achieving,” remarked Superintendent Jim Jones.

The private schools in Jefferson City aren’t missing out on the fun either.

St. Joseph Cathedral School recently completed a one and a half million-dollar gym expansion.

The project added 4,000 square feet to the existing gym and stage area, including additional dressing rooms, coaches’ offices, ADA restrooms and a new HVAC system.

Calvary Lutheran also renovated to allow for a newly designed Family and Consumer Sciences Area and “Calvary Café.” Renee Duenckel, Advancement Coordinator at Calvary Lutheran High School, explains the impact of the renovation saying:

“In addition to a lunchroom, classroom and concession area, we are blessed to now host evening receptions, celebration dinners, school activities and more in this newly renovated area!”

It’s no surprise that there is a constant buzz in the community about these high dollar and large-scale projects. Students share in the excitement being the first to set foot inside the completed facilities and benefit from them on a day-to-day basis. Education is a vital part of a community’s success and we look forward to seeing these projects come full circle in the near future.