Healthcare in Jefferson City

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The early years of the Commercial Club was concerned with the betterment of all facets of life in the Jefferson City area. By the turn of the century, the progressiveness and growth of the area brought with it the need for a permanent health care facility.
The Commercial Club supported the efforts to build St. Mary’s Hospital, and its cornerstone was laid on May 6, 1903. When a fire destroyed the original hospital in 1919, the Chamber led efforts to raise more than $29,000 to assist the rebuilding and re-equipping the new hospital. Again in 1932, the Chamber was involved in a fund-raising campaign for the first of four expansions to the hospital.
In addition to its support of hospitals, the Chamber raised money to fund a Community Chest to be used to fight diseases and sponsor various social service agencies. The Community Chest became the United Community Fund in 1954, and you know it today as The United Way. The Chamber was also instrumental in the construction of Charles Still Osteopathic Hospital (Capital Region Medical Center) in 1951, and Memorial Hospital in 1959.
Chamber officials have long understood that next to state government, hospitals and the health care industry are one of the community’s largest employers. When SSM Health St. Mary’s bought property for a new hospital in 2004, the Chamber contributed to an early stage engineering study which considered options for lowering costs on the Mission Drive interchange. The city, county and MoDOT became financial partners in developing the highway infrastructure. That interchange also opened the opportunity for other development along Highway 179, including the new Capital City High School currently under construction.
The SSM Health St. Mary’s old property has been approved by the Jefferson City Public Works and Planning Committee for re-development. The original portion of the hospital that was constructed in 1905 will be demolished and the stone from the structure will be used for a new building. The Greenway Trail that runs throughout Jefferson City will be extended to run along the hospital site in the 500 block of Dunklin Street and 500-600 blocks of Bolivar Street.

Capital Region Medical Center

focuses on improving health and promoting wellness by guiding patients through their health journey towards wellness. Not only is Capital Region Medical Center continually expanding their capabilities, but they are committed to investing in the community. Being a part of the plan to revitalize the area in and around the Old Munichburg/Southside neighborhoods is especially important to them. Together with their neighbors, Capital Region has encouraged participation for ideas to revitalize the area. They have partnered with community members and business owners at public presentations and interactive forums where members shared their vision for the future of the area.

These discussions led to H3 Studios, an award-winning design and planning firm, to developed a plan to create a better place for future generations. The revitalization effort will progress over time. Projects of this scale often take more than a decade to come to fruition, but Capital Region Medical Center and those on the advisory board are committed to revitalizing the heart of the community. The City of Jefferson adopted the final version of the plan and will begin prioritizing the projects. The scope of the projects include sustainability and urban design, coding, landscape, and architectural professional services. Input and participation from those within the neighborhood are vital to creating safe, inviting areas for working and living.

Jefferson City Medical Group

is one of Missouri’s largest multi-specialty groups owned and operated by physicians. Offering nearly 100 providers in 27 medical specialties, JCMG coordinates the health care of more than 70,000 patients. Most of the physicians are located in the large, state-of-the-art JCMG Medical Building, providing the convenience of one-stop comprehensive patient care. JCMG continues to grow in the community by expanding services. Clinics are located in Jefferson City, California, and Marshall.

The Community Health Center

has a new home and is also expanding services. CHCCMO strives to provide improved access to quality care for primary care, behavioral healthcare, oral healthcare services, and obstetrical care. CHCCMO accepts patients with and without insurance at all of their facilities. They work with the patient to help decrease the barriers they are facing when trying to better their health. CHCCMO also works with community partners to achieve their vision of “embracing people, inspiring health”.