What’s on Randy’s Desk?

“Put in the big rocks first.”

Most of us are familiar with the story of the professor who taught his students about priorities when he filled a glass jar with sand and tried to fit all the rocks into the jar. Naturally, he couldn’t do this, so he showed his students that by putting the big rocks into the jar first, and filling the jar with sand last, everything fit into the jar. The lesson – put in the big rocks first.
Randy Allen – Chamber President
© Lloyd Grotjan / Full Spectrum Photo
As President/CEO of the Chamber, it’s Randy Allen’s job to be sure the “Big Rocks” go into the jar first. The Chamber is always involved in many economic development projects. Randy knows that if the Chamber spends its time on filling the jar with sand, there will be no room for the big rocks such as riverfront development, infrastructure improvements, transportation issues and growing the local economy. Currently, the biggest rocks “on his desk” are the planned Bicentennial Bridge to the Island (now in the fundraising stage),
the development of a river port and the potential of establishing a cyber-security institute.
In addition to working tirelessly on these projects, Allen also serves on a state economic development task force along with many other community and regional boards and committees with the mission to connect leaders and developers, combining our resources to create a powerful economic engine in mid-Missouri.

That’s a mighty big rock.