Goldschmidt Outpatient Surgery Center: Skip the Hospital Stay

by Alaina Winship, PR/Marketing Strategist Capital Region Medical Center
Photos provided by Capital Region Medical Center

In today’s healthcare setting, CRMC surgical staff are seeing more and more procedures taking place in an outpatient setting that they never thought years ago could be done without hospital stays. The expansion of outpatient services provides a setting where procedures can take place safely and conveniently for patients and their families while allowing patients to recover in the comfort of their own surroundings. 

In 2021, Capital Region Medical Center broke ground on the Goldschmidt Outpatient Surgery Center. CRMC discussed the need to expand surgical capacity for quite some time and despite having an opportunity to expand inpatient surgical services, a greater benefit to the community was realized. 

The Goldschmidt Surgery Center is located on the ground level of the Physician’s Office Building. The 24,000 square foot addition features four operating rooms; two endoscopic procedure rooms; a post-discharge exit separate from the entrance for enhanced privacy; ergonomic workstations to enhance employee comfort and safety and space to accommodate future growth. All pre-and post-procedure rooms are private and thoughtfully designed with a patient-centered approach.  

CRMC’s mission is to provide the best health care in our community, and this expansion is an investment that will allow us to deliver top-quality care and exceptional access to all residents of mid-Missouri for years to come.  

Capital Region Medical Center’s affiliation with the University of Missouri Health System combines the strengths of an academic medical center with the strengths of a community-based hospital. The relationship has been positive for employees, hospital families and the people served. CRMC is a 100-bed facility offering a continuum of care in-house from prenatal and maternity services to home health services. It also offers one of the few accredited rehabilitation centers in the state, and advanced cardiac and oncology services. In addition to being a full-service hospital, Capital Region Medical Center operates an extensive clinic system, from urgent care centers to specialty physician practices. Throughout the history of Capital Region Medical Center, the mission has stayed the same—to improve the health and promote the wellness of the people and communities we serve.