Rediscover the Difference at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital

Our mission is inspired by our founding religious sisters – 

“Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God.”

Less than a decade ago, SSM Health invested approximately $200 million in a replacement hospital with state-of-the-art equipment and services and integrates sustainable practices, promotes healthy activity as well as showcases a custom-made Stella Maris statue as the centerpiece of the Healing Garden.  

By Janet Wear-Enloe, Director, Business Development, SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital
Photos provided by SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital

SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital is a Jefferson City tradition. For almost 120 years, we’ve known and cared for generations of families in the Jefferson City area. Whether it was the birth of a child, a loved one facing an illness, emergency situations or simply a routine visit, countless patients have counted on St. Mary’s Hospital and SSM Health Medical Group for their health care needs.  

Since the Sisters of St. Mary first came to Jefferson City to care for the sick, St. Mary’s has been focused on providing compassionate care and exceptional quality for everyone they serve. In 1905, the first St. Mary’s Hospital opened in Jefferson City. For over 100 years, the hospital built a reputation as a top-tier health center continually growing facilities and expanding services in that same location. Eventually, it was time to rebuild in a new location that could serve the community for the next century, so SSM Health invested approximately $200 million to construct a new hospital, which opened in 2014. Today, this beautiful, state-of-the-art healing environment continues the St. Mary’s tradition of providing exceptional care with trusted providers.  

We continue to focus on priorities where we can make the greatest impact on our community’s health when we invest valuable resources. Over the past two years, St. Mary’s Hospital and Foundation donated over $375,000 to the Catholic Charities Center, located at 1200 Linden Drive, to provide access to proper nutrition and alleviate barriers to health care services for our neighbors in the midst of low-income housing. We are committed to being a collaborative partner to help improve the health and nutrition of the most vulnerable in our community.  

Exceptional Quality Recognized by Third Party Organizations 

St. Mary’s Hospital has been recognized by national, state, professional and regulatory health care organizations earning awards and certifications across multiple therapeutic disciplines – including stroke, cardiovascular, diabetes, orthopedic and sleep medicine. 

Most recently, St. Mary’s Hospital received The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for total hip, knee and shoulder replacement and was named a BlueDistinction Center for Knee and Hip Replacement by Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. St. Mary’s received the Excellence in Donation Award from Midwest Transplant Network (MTN) for families granting authorization for donation. These are just a few of the many reasons to love and trust St. Mary’s Hospital.  

Named 1st and Best  

Harvard-trained spine surgeon, Dr. Jeff Lehmen, was the first in Missouri and one of just a few in the U.S. to offer a new procedure for relieving chronic low back pain using the ReActiv8® system. The surgery was performed at St. Mary’s Hospital. 

The annual News Tribune Readers’ Choice Award named six SSM Health providers and services as the best – including best hospital – and an additional four as runners up. Being chosen as the best by our community is an honor we cherish.   

The Caring Tradition Continues 

With almost a 120-year legacy of caring, it’s no wonder ties to St. Mary’s runs deep.  At a recent Lincoln University Honors Convocation, four recipients of the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation Award discovered they each had a historical family connection with the hospital. Those personal connections played a part in attracting them to be a part of St. Mary’s ongoing mission. There is no doubt St. Mary’s Hospital has the best Medical Staff, employees, volunteers and supporters around. That quality has proven itself over and over through longevity, reputation, recognition and award-winning care. Rediscover the difference at St. Mary’s Hospital.   

Jeff Lehmen, MD, Harvard-trained spine surgeon at St. Mary’s Hospital, was the first in Missouri to offer a new device for chronic low back pain. 

Our Medical Staff, employees and volunteers carry out our mission.