Quality of Life in Jefferson City

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What’s the difference

between quality of life and quality of place?

Quality of life is how residents describe their local environment; quality of place is how people and businesses from outside the community perceive it.  This is an important distinction because a community needs to address both issues – one for current residents and one to attract residents and potential businesses.

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If you look around the city, we know you’ll agree that there is an energy present that is leading to great improvements in both quality of life and place. The growth of food trucks, farmers markets, bike trails and bike lanes, improvements on Capitol Avenue, an interest in bringing old buildings back to life, cultural opportunities – theatre and live music, plans for a new splash park, the new LINC, Boys & Girls Club, the new high school, the new athletic complex at Helias Catholic High School, riverfront projects, the potential of development at MSP … the list could go on and on.
© Danny Crocker – Jensen Photography
Years ago, residents got together (focus groups brought together by the Chamber) and identified quality of life and place issues and projects they’d like to see in our community. Many of the above-mentioned projects were on that “community bucket-list”.
One small step at that time was the Chamber initiative to create festival districts in the city … thanks to our residents, those festivals have grown into Thursday Night Live with record crowds and many other festivals in various parts of the city.
Companies (such as Capital Region Medical Center) have spear-headed efforts to improve neighborhoods. The addition of art around town (such as sculptures in the center of the roundabouts) have enhanced the quality of life.
© Jefferson City Convention & Visitors Bureau
Chamber President Randy Allen refers to the need for “critical mass” – one success leading to another success, to another success. We believe we are at that “critical mass” stage … and look for great things in the future of our community, especially at MSP and on our riverfront.
Opportunity! Jefferson City is the ONLY city in the United States to have a (state) Capitol, a historic penitentiary, AND a river! With the energetic leadership of our mayor and the partnership of the City of Jefferson and the County of Cole, our chamber members and our residents – we see great things happening in Jefferson City!
“The future depends on it!” – This phrase was one of the first statements recorded in the Chamber’s history – from the minutes of the very first meeting of the Commercial Club on April 6, 1893. Building the bridge – connecting Jefferson City to the state – “The future depends on it.” 125 years later, this is still the Chamber’s mission and statement. Why does the Chamber exist – to GROW JCMO – and yes, “The future depends on it.”