Missouri’s 6 State Capitols

The first seat of state government and capitol of Missouri was located in St. Louis in the Mansion House (on Third and Vine Street) in 1821.

The second capitol of Missouri was relocated in the Missouri Hotel (Main and Morgan Street) in St. Charles.

The third capitol was temporarily located at 208-216 South Main Street in St. Charles from 1821 to 1826. During this time, Missouri’s first legislators searched for an undeveloped tract of land located in the center of the state, overlooking the Missouri River to become Missouri’s permanent capital. This temporary capitol was provided by the citizens of St. Charles free of charge and furnished in exchange for the honor of being the temporary capital.

The fourth capitol of Missouri was built in Jefferson City from 1823-1826 at a price of almost $19,000. The building was located where the present-day Governor’s mansion is and the building measured 40 feet by 60 feet. It was destroyed by a fire in 1837.

Missouri’s fifth state capitol was already being constructed in Jefferson City in 1837 when the fourth capitol was destroyed. Construction was completed in 1840 for roughly $350,000. This building was also destroyed by fire on February 5, 1911 when a bolt of lightning struck the dome.

The sixth (and current) state capitol building was built from 1913-1917 and stands in the same location as the previous capitol, covering nearly 3 acres at a length of 437 feet and a width of 200 feet. The original budget was $3 million, but due to miscalculations on revenue projects, over $4.2 million was collected for the project. The extra funds were used to construct the high caliber sculptures and artwork seen throughout the capitol today.